Carsex and age (Poll)

Just like every week, I’ve created a pretty interesting poll.
The question was: “Is carsex or outdoor-sex a practice suitable for all ages?”

The answers came in, fast and clear. Yes!
Someone tried answering it depends on the age, but we always see the glass full.

My thoughts. There’s no age for Carsex, just like there’s no age to love.
I don’t understand, though, why after a certain age, carsex is seen as a taboo or the monster of Satan. It’s something Natural and it has to be like that.

For the Outdoor, so all those practices meant to be done outside, like private beaches or woods, or why not, on the streets, are mostly thought by over 50 year olds and never by young guys, ready for everything.
As above, I think it’s suitable for all ages, but there isn’t an idea of “transgression” strong enough to let oursleves go.

So Carsex? Yes absolutely.
Outdoor-sex? In the most absolute way, Yes!