Changes in the relationship (Poll)

As always, in my weekly poll, I’ve put in a topic that’s very close to me.
“How can an important event in life change the dom/sub relationship?”

There have been a lot of results, and very discording too, espacially out of curiosity.
A lot of people texted me and asked me why so much relevance in a poll?
I’ll talk about it later, maybe.

How much can an event change a relationship? A lot, for sure, it’s definitley not like drinking a glass of water.
The balances change, the timings and everything that was “normal” up until that point.
Priorities change and what changes the most is definitely THE RELATIONSHIP.

There’s no relationship that doesn’t have problems, but at the same time there’s no relationship without new steps to reach and find.

I know, I shouldn’t have made a post focused on my ideas, but I did it because it’s a nice phase for me.
Thanks to the ones that sorround me and that make it so this project goes on and gets higher views and always give me new ideas.

It may be the first time I’m doing it, but thank you!