Happy Valentine’s day…

When everything’s easy, all goes smooth.
When hard situations start getting the best, then you have to go through problems and keep going your own way.

Every day is important. Very important for those who, like me, is married and live their life and BDSM relationship under the same roof. OUt in the sun, as if it’s nothing.

Because, in the end, the dominant feeling in BDSM is love. For what you do and what you feel.

And what a better day to celebrate such a deep and unique feeling?

Happy Valentine’s day My switch… ❤️
Happy Valentine’s day My slave… ❤️

Happy Valentine’s day everybody!
Make love ❤️

Lasting punishment (Poll)

I made my weekly poll: “Is physical punishment useful for a long lasting BDSM relationship?”

The delivered answer is clear: Yes!
I believe the majority of the users who answered the poll, have based all their answers on an simple fact: BDSM is born from punishments, that the sub wants to suffer. Without punishments there wouldn’t be roles, nore expectations, nor “game”.

My personal thought is perctly in line with the answers. There is no BDSM wtihout punishments.
Especially mental punishments, more than physical ones. It may be because I see it in a more sentimental way, but my way of seeing BDSM is and needs to be a pleasure!

See you at the next Poll!

Between husband and wife…

One of the all time perversions is to being on the action, sexually speaking, in a couple that’s been married for years or a couple that doesn’t have a lot say anymore.
And to say that I’ve helped a lot of couples. But every time there’s always something new.

It was during the summer of 2015, I got to know a 41 year old woman form the province of Vercelli, on a know social network.
She was pretty, with green eyes and auburn red hair. She was sexually depressed. She needed an extramarital push to give back some life to her sexuality and to the fun with her husband.
She joined me in Novara, I got out of the car and saw her, a fresh-faced girl, shabby but with a staggering body.
I took her out for a coffee and she told me about her marital life, about having 2 kids and that she was looking for nothing but pure fun, but she up until then she hadn’t found anything interesting besides little morons of the: “Drink that warm milk in the coffe” kind. I was the only one who caught her attention to the point where she gave me her full availability to know me. And I think she told me that about a hundred times. And obviously my ego was up in the stars.
It was dinner time, we left with a promise, make her man feel useless and make his ego “feel like a cuckold”. We exchanged our numbers and we texted the whole night.

That same night, she sent me a picture where you could clearly see the interest of her husband in her, laying on the couch indifferently, rummaging in his pants watching porn. Till here, nothing weird, but he lasted about 3 minutes in bed (she told me).

The next day she called me and told me: I trust you, suprise me!

Her husband used to get out of work at 7 pm, and got home at about 7:20.
I gbot at their house at 6:30, I got the room ready and hid as soon as I heard him coming.
As he opened the bedroom door, with the complicity of the wife, we threw him on the bed and she undressed him. He, a 40 year old man, kinda short and skinny but with a good look, your usual southener with blue eyes, resisted espacially after I came out with the rope. And I tied him, with his wrists behind his back and his ankles very close. I grabbed his blue and white striped tie thrown on the ground by the wife and closed his mouth with a tight loop. I put him on the floor laying on his back and dismantled my bag, on the bed, in front of their eyes. He was afraid those toys would get used on him and he started shaking like a leaf. And I got more and more turned on by the idea that he could be more scared of what he would’ve really seen.
She started listing all that wasn’t working between them, sex was in the list.
Meanwhile, I sat on the bed and started playing with my cat o’ nine tails whip, making it go through my fingers while I was listening to the wife making her list.

She turned the page and wrote down what he had to do, to every bulletpoint he widened his eyes, I was getting closer to her, offering her the whip. I was about 3 inches from her, he understood that something strange was about to happen, in fact, I grabbed her by her hair and kissed her in front of him, helpless and visibly turned on. The situation was so exciting that I can’t deny I felt something growing inside my pants too.

With her hair in my hands, I out her on her knees in front of me and looking at her top-down I instructed her to touch herself while her other hand had to touch her husband’s pleasure. But her stare couldn’t be taken away from my eyes, not even for a second.
I, obviously, commanded him to try and not get turned on, but unluckily for him, he got punished with 2 whippings on his milky white butt.

So I got my cotton rope, and ordered her to tie up the man’s pleasure, ready to be pulled in case of danger, she said. The rope was wrapping the base of his penis and running around his balls too, creating a sort of collar and leash situation.

I turned her around doggy-style and I started my education ritual, ounishing her for the bad things she told her husband, making her thank me at every hit with a “Thank you, Sir”.
Her husbandhad goosebumps everywhere.

I looked around and saw on ther nightstand, some massage oil of a known brand, it was edible. I grabbed it, got closer to him and made it drip on the ground.
I went on the bed, got a vibrator, the most beautiful I had, it was fuchsia had 12 vibrations and it was about 7 to 8 inches, and I gently pushed it in the pleasure of her. It was a lake down there, so the effort was nothing but PURE PLEASURE. That unmistakable sound of the female pleasure in feeling something pushing in and out is something intoxicating.

I got closer to her hearand with a hand on her firm butt cheeks I told her: “Grab the cuckold by the horns and make him clean the floor”, she shivered…
She grabbed her husband by his hair and commanded him to lick that liquid from the ground. In the mean time my whip was giving harder and harder hits.

I decided, though, it was time to hear the cuckold’s sound, so I grabbed his wife by the hair, put her on her knees, unbuckled my belt and, dragging the zipper down, I brought down my underwear as well, showing off what I had to give her.
I moved her closer to me, tilted her faceup and whispering I said to her: “I don’t know what sound cuckolds do, but I know pretty well what bad wifes sound like” and her, smiling stuck her tongue out, opened her mouth and made my pleasure disappear in front of the astonished eyes of the husband who was hinting a slight pleasure.
At that sight, she pulled at the leash making him lose any sort of pleasure.

I put her on the bed with her legs spread and I started licking her, showing my butt off to the cuckold, making him imagine what was happening in front of me and that he couldn’t see. My tongue was running up and down on that clitoris as in a skiing competition and her, visibly excited, was touching my hair. _Her chills were tickling me for how strong her pleasure was.
I knelt down on her right side, letting the husband see what was going on, I put my fingers inside his wife’s pleasure. My right hand was getting in towards her, while my left hand was stimulating her clitoris, resulting in a trippy squirting to her say, never happened before.
The pleasure of him was like a spring, it strechted and went back to normal after she pulled on the leash.

I reached out with my hand, got a condom, the first I grabbed.
She snatched it off my hand, opened it, rolled it for the first half, put it in her mouth and made it glide onto my pleasure ever so slowly. She got up, positioned herself doggy-syle and told me: “screw me!”
I grabbed her by the hair, brought her to the ground, turned him around and put her on his face making him give her a breath taking facesitting.

I started letting her feel me inside of her. Pounding harder and harder with my balls passing in front of the man’s eyes.
I kept giving her pleasure for hours, while he was trying to get attention from her.
I took the condom off, put her mouth on my balls and moving her head in front of me I made my pleasure explode into her mouth, already full of words and pleasure from before.

I got clean in silence, put everything back in the suitcase, got dressed up and with a hand wave I left, leaving her on her knees still dripping with pleasure and him tied up.

I saw her again a couple days later in a shopping mall in Vercelli, she got close to the car before I closed it, got on her knees, lowered her head and lifted the rope to my chest, giving it to me, ending with a: “Thank you, Sir”.

From that time on, for various happenings, I haven’t seen them, but I think that if the husband was to see me, he would definitely remember “what sound the cuckold makes”.

The suitcase.

“What do you have inside that suitcase?”
This is the typical question I get asked by who, curious, knows me in person or on the various social media, where I talk about my world.

It’s an envelope where inside there’s a world on its own.
Inside of it, there are all my tools, if you can call them like that, for my own pleasure and my sub’s.

There’s few people who know what’s inside. Because my suitcase gets opened in relation to who wants to try… Not look!

The 2 zippers that close it, are always facing upwards, because I’m very jealous of who could see inside.

But my current suitcase is one of the ones who had the chance to keep in my perfumes and the ones of my subs’.

I started out with a black bag under the spare wheel.
There, where no one could think of.
I had head-spinning tools; I get chills just thinking about them!
From whips to dildos to sex machines. Opening it was a pleasure.
I think not more than 3 subs have seen the whole content of that. The other ones have only felt, on their skin, the pleasure of having something mine. I mean, coming out of that bag.

And then, for various happenings, after losing it (not my fautl), I decided to slowly re-buy everything.
Staring back from the whips. And a kit, bought on a very well know Chinese, low-cost online store.

It started for the first time with a sub from Livorno, the beginning of the new bag. It was a black bag, symbolizing one of my passions.
There was little inside, but it was enough.

Then it got bigger, becoming a grey backpack.
I bought the 2 hemp ropes (again) and one of my subs had the honor to try it on.
The other ropes… other whips…

So, I got to my suitcase.
Heavy. Always full.

What’s inside of it now?
You only need to find out… No looking, but trying.

In conclusion, I’ll wrap my ropes, clean my whips, tidy it all up and… one zipper at a time, I’ll close it again, leaving inside my pleasure and a new beginning…

Distance (Poll)

Relationships are a serious thing, they need to be taken with a grain of salt if you talk about distance.

“Does distance ruin a relationship?”
For the first time after I opened my blog, I wanted to try and ask the social media world and the answer was immidiate.
The majority of people said distamce doesn’t ruin a relationship, insted it strengthens it.
Well, in that case it’s not a short term relationship, rather a long term one.

In my point of view I agree with what the majority answered, I think it in very sentimental way, in that sense.

I think the end result doesn’t create the relationship, distance or not involved, I think it’s the journey that leads to that.

On the other hand, without bases, without roots, a classic retionship couldn’t work.

I thank all those who answered!

Talk to you soon.

Belonging (2)

I’m late, as always, lately.
I created a poll on the sense of belonging that asked:
“Is the sense of belonging given or created?”

There have been a lot of answers and I have to say they’re not that far from my ideas.
The sense of belonging is a feeling and an emotion, it gets created by gestures.
Who gives that sense of belonging as a gift is because they need to do it.

Thank you for voting.

The Mind’s game…

Now it’s known, BDSM makes everyone curious and creates addiction, once you’re in it. Heart and mind work in synch once you try it.

During the years, I found out the BDSM world is moving towards something more and more physical, where there’s the “Master” that’s in charge and the “Slave” that does anything her “boss” wants. I’m talking about physical, with spanking and other practices.
But, as I’ve said thounsands and thousands of times, without using your mind there can be no belonging.
I firmly believe in the power of words, mental pleasure before the physical.
There’s no mental pleasureif there isn’t something strong, it being a relationship or a feeling.

I pleasantly remember a situation, a very interesting one where you needed really little to create pleasure.

I believe it was 2015, I was a real-estate agent.
She was a costumer looking for a home, an avid traveler, known for her important working position. The usual North-European girl. Light eyes and blonde with a very strong personality.
She had this very strong Milan accent and whenever she called me she started with a warm and intense “Good morning!” that gave me the chills.

She asked me to go visit a house, downtown. We met up in front of the Broletto, known interest point in Novara, usual greeting rituals and we head off to the apartment.
Going u the stairs she was telling me about her job and how important it was for her to have an extra room for her projects. And I as a “lying real-estate agent”, praysing the apartment, I remembered how I absolutely wanted her to see that last floor apartment because she would’ve loved it.

We got to the front door of the house, keys in hand, I start opening the door with the keys, and I gladly noticed she was looking at my hands, as if she had a sort of perversion.
I open the door, slowly and let her in, closing the door right behind her.
I turn on the lights and we start the house tour.
Kitchen, living room, hallway and night space.
We get into the bedroom, she looks around and sees that up on the ceiling there’s a hook, and being a very vintage room of the “old” Novara, there were probably sausages hung up there.

She suddenly turned to look at me and told me: “Now I got why I should like this”.
I, a little imbarrassed by the situation, stuttered: “I dont understand!” with a classic awkward move, scratching behind my head.
“I’m not stupid, I feel it on my sking that you do something I really do like, and you took me here for this”.

The truth is I’d never seen her before and this was making me uncomfortable, in the first place!

“Oh, yeah? So if I did this…” and getting closer I started touching her shoulder, lightly touching with my fingers.
Her astonished face will be stuck in my mind for years.
“No, please, no!”

I asked her to sit on the bed and getting close to the dresser I touched it soflt, running my fingers on every angle of the upper part of it.
I saw her eyes closing as a sign of pleasure, as if she couldn’t wait to be touched, grazed.
But we were there for something else…

“You liked the house” “Yeah…”
I closed the door, looked at her straight in her eyes and left her my business card.
I saied goodbye to her and went on to my next appointment.

An hour later she texted me on Whatsapp: “Hi, I’m Christine, thegirl of the apartment.”

I invited her out for a coffee, in a coffee shop on Roma avenue, in Novara and the thing was so exciting that I decided, for that day, to surprise her.

I brought her in a house, in the Saint Paul area. I closed the door and started stimulating her mind.

My hands, my words whispered in her ear and her, still, with her eyes closed, standing with her hands on the wall.
Her mind was a hurricane from which, getting in, I didn’t want to come out of.

And my mind, was that girl’s bestfriend, spicy but really exciting. I saw her 2 more times, after that she got into a relationship with a younger boy and I decided to let her be. Her mind was too busy to play with me.

Concluding… Mentalism? Yes! It’s fundamental.

And it needs to be nurtured, or it’s like having a dead plant in a flourishing garden.

Broken… Rules…

Whenever I start approaching to a new kind of realtionship with whoever it may be, both in the BDSM world and human relationship, I set some rules, that vary from pleasure to emotions.
Obviously, these are rules need to be respected not only by me, but they get “passed” to those in front of me, it’s like I impose a game in a sort of hidden way.

In BDSM, though, I have some rules, that must be followed without if’s or but’s.

And I wanted to talk to you, talking about rules, abou a story, an interesting one, at the beginning.

I met this girl on a well known social media platform, her description was intense, interesting.
She doesn’t fit my perfect sub starndards, but her behavior and her curiosity towards my world made me hope well.
She’s from Sicily, hot and very smart.

When I suggested my rules, she disapproved of all of them, saying she would’ve preferred sessions over a relationship.
Up until here, what’s weird?
I denied her a chance.

A few hours later, though, she incited me and I fell in her heat. Her texts were full of need, so I went against my usual self, and I decided to try and take this path, a healthy dose of sessions. Why not?

It was a cold night, I still remember her red nose blending in with her lipstick.

We got up into the room, I decided to undress her and at the best part she stopped me.

My ego was mad, disappointed and I wanted to stab myself so bad for accepting such a thing.
Still, disappointed, I closed the door and wanted to never see her again.

The first rule in BDSM is consensuality! If you don’t want to, don’t incite, don’t start. DON’T DO IT!

Who’s brave enough to break this rule, I don’t think is worthy of staying in my harem.

Peace and Love ❤️

How many miles…

If I have to think about all the miles I’ve travelled for this “world”, I could probably take trips around the globe, for both expenses and distance.

But still I’m happy, because I’ve met interesting people, I’ve seen people that almost surely, I would’ve never met in the real world, with the rythms this historical moment forcecs us to keep up to.

The journey I remember with most joy is the one to Paris. It was infinite, both for execution and for final “pleasure”, but I’ll get a chance to talk about it.
The pleasure of a trip, knowing you’ll get to do what you love the most, repays you completely.

No money can give you back this satisfaction.

The delight in opening the bag, put on the bed whips and ropes and create suspance.
To then grab one of my ropes, court my sub and start playing with her body first, while her eyes fuxed on me are looking for a gesture, a signal.
Once the rope is tight on the wrists, start the ritual.
Swiss knife in my pocket, remmbering the safe-word and ready to play.

In my hands, her pleasure…

What could repay me of all of this if not the pleasure running down her legs?


The second poll I made talked about belonging.
There are a lot of discording thoughts on this topic.

What I think about this???
The sense of belonging is a very important thing for my kind of BDSM. Without it there wouldn’t be sessions inside a relationship. Ive said it a lot times, I prefer relationships rather than sessions.
The reason behind that is given by the fact are intended for their own sake and occasional, so they’re an “escape” when it happens.
A relationship is steady, full of stimulations and 24/7.

So, finishing up, there’s no BDSM without belonging.
As well as there’s no session without belonging, unless it’s steady, but it’s not considered a mental belonging, it’s physical!

Thank you all for voting.
Hot Kisses ❤️