#The Day Before Christmas Eve

Today’s the day before Christmas Eve! How are you doing with gifts? Bought them all?

Well, I could suggest you something interesting…
While you’re waiting for Christmas Eve, wherever you are, no matter what your tendency is (DOM/SUB), play with your hands… and your thoughts “will get wet” before them…

Grind… and please yourselves!

Happy “day before Christmas Eve”!


December 23rd


I’ve already talked about this practice somewhere else.
It’s a game created by a mistress or a group of mistresses, dominating either men or women.

It gets often interpreted as SM as women, as we all know, are way more sadistic than men.

I still believe, though, the FEMDOM relationship is the best on this planet.

What do you think about it? 🙂


December 22nd


We’re getting always further into this very discussed world for its prejudices, but still being quite interesting.

We’re talking about a planet on its own, where the ropes of the game are 2 or more components, rigorously homosexual.
Having had the pleasure of seeing, as a hetero, that the game with 2 or more men is actually really fun for it being related to having a free mind and few inhibitions deriving from the game and their tendencies, makes it all very smooth and fun.

It’s a tendency, given by homosexuality, not by roleplay!

What do you think?


December 21st


Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to talk about tendencies and role “play”.
Who are Queers and what do they have to do with this world? They’re that “sex” “still not identified”, so they don’t have their gender and role clear, yet.

What do they have to do with this world is very easy to explain. There’s a sort of domination and submission related to this gender. Often, though, their role is the submissive one as they’re very versatile and tend to be passive.

Transgenders, instead, know clearly their role. It’s usually men that “transitioned” to women, often keeping their other gender on “standby”.
Practical example, breasts on MtF (MALE TO FEMALE). They have an important role in BDSM as they’re often ACTIVE and create interesting and very creative edgeplay.

-4 to Christmas… Is it too early to wish you a Merry Christmas?!


The entry door

When I have to talk about BDSM, I’m always very careful to what I say and how I say it.
Sometimes I’ve been told there’s no other topic as interesting as this to talk about with me as BDSM. I’m serious when I talk about it, I often play it down, But I’m always on the point.

It’s a matter of style, sometimes even too much.

But as a lot of people know, I got into this weird world. I had a girlfriend, and people know this too.
Unfortunately, being taken, didn’t take away my chances to live exciting situations.
It was the end of October of the far 2012, I was working for a know car dealership in Novara, when, I got designated by my coworker to show and deliver a Lancia Ypsilon to a Novara middle aged woman. Till here, what was weird about it? It was my job, right?! She gets to the car dealership, says hi to the seller, he introduces me and I take her down, keys in hand, towards her “eggplant” jewel.
We get in the car, I was riding shotgun and she was driving.

During the explanation, I saw her eyes were often lingering in mine, and she kept looking for my gaze.
At one point, she interrupted the explanation putting her hand on my left thigh and told me: “LISTEN, SIMONE, HAVE YOU EVER DOMINATED A WOMAN? YOU KNOW, HITTING HER, FLOGGING HER, YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT, RIGHT?”. Let’s say I was left pretty shocked. I thought it was one of those tricky questions.
“Well, no! Women shouldn’t even be touched with a flower… That’s what they say right?”
Right there, she grabbed my face, turned her towards her and told me: “WOULD YOU TO IT FOR X EUROS?”. I swallowed and with a broken voice answered: “Yes”.
Happy as ever, she grabbed her phone, asked for my number and sent me the address and the time. I, also caught by the excitement, got out of the car, pointed her at the exit and got back to my desk with a bulge that resembled a canadian tent. Awkward.
Closing time, going home, I was thinking about this opportunity. I got in and told my ex girlfriend that that night I wouldn’t have been home.
We were having some economic issues and any help would’ve been like a godsend!

After dinner, I took a shower and headed out.
During the trip to one side of the city to the other, the thought of not knowing what to do was like a woodworm. But I couldn’t and I wasn’t able to think about anything else.
I get in her driveway, I call her, she opens the door and I head up.
She’s waiting for me at the 4th floor of an eight floor building, her blond hair were hanging down sinuously on her shoulders and breasts, a natural 38C that fit perfectly to her body with those drop-dead curves, despite the age and with the face of someone that know how it was gonna end.
She was wearing make up but not too much, but she was dressed as a real panther looking for something, with her lingerie hidden by a see through vest.
The situation was already intriguing at the hello with 3 kissed and a “I didn’t think you were this tall in the car dealership”.

She shows me her small mansion, but not the bedroom. We sit in the kitchen and, after a coffee, she asks me a very straight forward question: “BUT DON’T YOU EVER GIVE 2 SMACKS TO YOU GIRLFRIEND?”. I have to admit I found myself pretty embarrassed to that question to which I answered: “NO!”, and I’ve actually never done that up until then, mainly because she didn’t want anything to do with such racy things!
SO, she goes to the bathroom, excusing herself for a bit and comes back, she takes my by the hand and leads me to the bedroom, turns on the nightstand lamp and looks at me. I was standing and observing al her bed and I only remember, in the dim lights, I saw 3-4 whips of different dimensions, any kind of dildo and various nipple clamps.

She stood in front of me, put her hands on the bed as in a Doggy-style and exclaimed “WELL, USE YOUR HANDS AND DOMINATE ME, HIT ME!”
I’ll be honest, I think it was one of the most embarrassing situations of my life, I didn’t know what to do. I was fascinated, curious but at the same time I was suspended. Paralyzed!

I gathered up the courage and, open handedly I blew the first hit on her left butt cheek, lightly. The feeling of omnipotence was coming out. She kept asking for more and more, and I accommodated her every request, hitting and hitting always harder, on her pleasure.
I saw her butt cheeks getting red and I felt pain for her, but her undies reminded me that they’d get wetter with every hit.
She reached out and gave me a whip and told me “HIT”. I moved beside her and nonchalantly, I hit her, hard, enough to leave the first real mark and it was starting to turn me on!
I kept going, until I grabbed the first dildo I could find and making vibrate, I put it on her clit through her undies. She was screaming and it kept getting always hotter.
Now, the whip and dildo were only one thing. It went on for at least an hour, until she turned on the bed and told me: “AS A FIRST TIME, NOT BAD. PROMISE I’LL SEE YOU TOMORROW, TOO!”.
I answered I didn’t know, grabbed my stuff, said bye and left.

The trip towards home was agonizing. I was crying, because to me all this was super weird. I didn’t stop screaming for a second in the car, but in the end, I solved one of my doubts, one of my turn ons and, why not, also a few economic issues. I still didn’t have anything in my hands, but I had a middle aged woman who wanted a young guy to do things she definitely wouldn’t have done with a man her age.

So yes, this is how I got into this world, by the back door. With a cachet, with a mental pleasure I never thought I could reach and, especially getting to the point of suppressing myself as a MAN, but later finding out and understanding that was my way, getting passionate about this world and doing it without money or profits. Doing what other people would like to do. Nothing more.


Oh, yeah, the following night I went to hers, but that’s another story.


December 20th


There are finally just a few days till Christmas -4. Let’s start the countdown!

Today’s practice is one of those you either LIKE or NOT.
There’s no middle ground here. Some will say I’m mad for taling about it, but with it being a technique it’s impossible for me not to do it.

Scarification, intended a practice, is basically cutting the skin with the purpose of leaving scars. These scars can be either “play” scars or “artistic” scars.
It’s a very dangerous practice, mainly for the close contact with blood, so MAXIMUM CAUTION!

Tools: knives, razor blades and anything that could be sharp. And obviously, gloves!

What do you think? 🙂


I’m going… I’m not going!

There have been a lot of people entering my life without any warning and leaving permanent traces.
My most intimate and deepest thought goes to them because they’ve always left me with something interesting, a lesson, something evident.
But this moment isn’t dedicated to them.

This goes to those who, in one way or another, have dedicated me their time discontinuously, making me believe things and then, after reaching their goal, disappeared. Leaving the emptiness.

There’s a person in particular, hat I considered an interesting person. An 18 year-old girl (I was 27 at the time), Named Barbara. A skinny girl. She found me, randomly on fb and she understood there was something about me that caught her attention.
She convinced me to go and have coffee with her in Bellinzago Novarese, in a know shopping mall. After the usual practice of “What’s up?”, “Why did you hit me up?” and various excuses like she was a cat clutching at straws, after about 2 hours, we find ourselves in the farmland between Cameri and Bellinzago, making out like in an Amazing love movie. To this point, everything’s fine.
Until she grabbed my right hand and shoved it in her purse and among various lipsticks and women knick-knacks, I found a vibrator “XXL AMERICAN DILDO” that was almost 10 inches with an embarrassing width.
She almost yelled “This is my favourite toy, I think you might like using it on me”

I, caught by the discomfort i said: “IF ONLY IT WAS MINE AND REAL!”

She looked me in the eyes, took it back and put it back in her purse and told me: “Ok, nothing, Take me back to the shopping mall”.
I stared right into her eyes and with a shocked expression, I got myself together while she got out of the car to smoke her cigarette. In my head there was nothing but: “I can’t believe it, does this chick really wanna try this with me?”
She jumped back in and I asked her the reason behind this gesture, and she answered: “My ex boyfriend didn’t turn me on enough, so I got a collection of these, isn’t it ok?”. I was petrified, trying to find a solution to be able to give her the best of me, I finished by saying: “Ok, we’re doing this if you want, or else nothing”

She nodded, got undressed, I undressed once again Showing off my chest and I started touching her and stimulating her more and more to, then, put the dildo in. It’s been the least satisfying experience of my life.
She’s about 5 foot 1, super skinny and at every single push inside her body I could see the shape of that huge dildo filling her belly.
I ended up the night with a make out session, I didn’t even undress completely, because, between you and me, bad impressions were right behind the corner. As someone used to say, it’s like throwing a sausage in a hallway.
I got back home, still shocked by the event and she wrote me: “Listen, I honestly don’t wanna see you anymore, you’re good, but I’m looking for real love” and I, happy about the fact she took the decision, told her: “It’s okay, I understand!”

A few months later, I met her at an event in Milan, she threw me to the wall and told me: “Seeing you again is like feeling that sensation”, and, petrified, I moved her and went away. She wrote me thousands of texts and I didn’t answer, the whole thing shocked me a bit.

To finish off. I like them girls soft, curvy, worthy of being touched.
If you’re thin, at least stay. If you’re soft, well, don’t ever leave.
You’re welcome.


“THE” bracelet

A fundamental part of my relationships is the bracelet.
It has a symbolic value, tied to the wrist after accepting the rules and promises.
A sort of ring for the sub.
When I started tying my first bracelet, I felt all-powerful, not or the dominating a person or keeping them handcuffed, thing, but more for the pleasure of sometimes remembering that that bracelet can’t be taken off and that any glance at it, even a quick one, can remind things. The colors must obligatory be recognized in the “HANKY” code, where to every tendency there’s a clear and UNIVOCAL corresponding color. I normally use 3 colors for every bracelet.
The main and dominating color is always fuchsia for my subs as it clearly represents spanking and hit submission. I can’t deny I sometimes make hemp rope bracelets too. They’re way more “basic” but with an extravagant and way deeper effect.

Before all of this, though, there are strict rules that must be respected, conditions to be talked about and respected by both. Because, yes, I’m the dominator of the game, but I, too, have to follow certain conditions.

If it’s actually true that to keep a person constricted during sessions you only need a rope, why not sign the pact or the promise of obeying the rules with a bracelet?
It’s just a symbolic thing, but as someone knows, once you cut it, it’s over!


A BDSM threesome…

It’s known, having a threesome is the forbidden dream of any man. But if you combine it with a little bit of dominance, it becomes hard to forget.
We meet up in front of the stadium, we lock our cars and walk to this bar on Corso Vercelli, it’s pretty well known, to say the least.
We get in, we sit far from inappropriate eyes, and order, I got an fruity soft drink (I’ve never been able to make alcohol a lifestyle) and she gets a beer, I remember it was a Corona with lemon.
We start making small talk and my eyes kept looking at her beautiful blond hair and her ice blue eyes, they were almost scary. Her hands, well, why bother saying anything? You could see she looked after them, they were beautiful, soft and tapered. I started stimulating her, mentally, and then I played with her legs, playing footsie and tho finish off I got her left wrist and tied it to the table with a 1m cotton rope.
She was wearing a skirt and while I was tying her up, I was looking between her legs and saw her pleasure getting her undies wet.
We were sitting facing each other, we were looking at each other in the eyes and the thoughts started wondering, while my right hand was sweetly touching her left leg and the goosebumps didn’t seem to go away, not even for a bit.
In the meantime my phone buzzed, it was a message on Whatsapp, I thought it was my girlfriend getting home from running errands, as always.
But instead, it was Laura a bunny/sub from Vercelli; she got off by being bound everywhere and be publicly humiliated for anything. She was straight but she didn’t turn her nose up at the vision of a naked woman’s body.
I untied the sub, we got up, I paid and headed towards the Piranha Motel. Laura was already there, ready, waiting for us.
Getting in, at the reception, the asked for the room and I thought, as it had already happened, to get in a double paid room, but I didn’t think it was gonna be a suite, instead, we got a suite room, with a round Jacuzzi and a shower. So, we got a 200 euros room for 6 hours.

We got in the room, Laura was already in the Jacuzzi and we caught a glimpse of her through the mirror. We put down our stuff, I took off my jacket and shirt and invited Laura to come with us, in the room.
Obligatory turn to the bathroom and I went back to the bed area.
When I got back, I found them talking about their ex boyfriends, as two friends that haven’t seen each other in a long time, but they didn’t even know each other!!!

Then I started taking out of the bag, all the equipment and put everything al the end of the bed.
I took the hemp rope and tied the sub’s wrists to the decoration of bed frame. Standing, bent over as in a Doggy-style. Her hands were touching the bed frame and she couldn’t move them.
I grabbed Laura, tied her tightly around her breasts, so that it lead to the rope touching her clitoris. With another rope, I tied her wrists and put her in the same position the sub was in.

I started playing with the sub, I grabbed her by the hair, brought her close to my mouth and with a serious voice I told her: YOU ARE AND YOU’RE GOING TO BE MY PLEASURE, TONIGHT! And I kissed her, angrily, ending with a determined slap on her soft butt, a classic for pole dancers.
I got the remotely controlled vibrator, cleaned it, oiled it with vaseline and put it in, and started it at low intensity. I grabbed the thickest cotton rope I had, the red one, and tied it horse bit like in her mouth, as a gag-ball.

I left the sub and headed towards Laura, ready to get hit and pleasure the moment. I grabbed her by her hair, brought her close to my mouth and told her: YOU ARE GONNA BE MY PIÑATA TO HIT AND MAKE THE DRIPPING PLEASURE COME OUT and I kissed her, ending with a hard slap on her left butt cheek, making it bounce and hearing her first moan. I got 2 remotely controlled vibrators, I put one inside her pleasure and the other one in her smaller hole, she loved being taken by both her holes. I turned the first one on low and put the only bee shaped gag-ball I had in her mouth.

I stepped away at around 1 foot from both, I had 3 controllers in my hand, a leather whip and the dim lights kept changing their color. I was observing them through the mirror on top top of the bed, they were both looking for my gaze, in vain.

I raised the vibrators intensity to medium and they both started writhing, it was an amazing show seeing their bodies move almost synchronized.
I started flogging the sub, on her right butt cheek, at the first hit she cried out :Thank you, Sir. My ego skyrocketed and I hit her again hard, on her thigh, thanking me. TELL LAURA WHO’S YOUR DOM AND WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT WHEN YOU TOUCH YOURSELF “You are my Dom, sir”, it was coming out of her mouth, busy with that rope bit. And I hit her again and left her there at the mercy of her vibrator.
Her noises echoed in the room and Laura Look with pleasure at the job done.
I shifted my attention to Laura, indeed, grabbed her by her hair and started grinding on her as in a Doggy-style. I pushed on the high intensity button and, letting go of her hair, I stepped away, with my whip in hand, ready to hit.
She tried turning around looking for my gaze and got hit on butt, and the sound echoed in the room. It was exciting seeing her there, bound and ready to feel my hits.
I grabbed the microphone vibrator, just bought, turned it on and put it on her clitoris, already covered by the rope.
Her body started moving, always more. I left it there, held up by the rope, vibrating and dripping.

I took a step back and got my whip, the best one, made of leather, with a braided handle, hard and long.
In my right hand there was that and in my left hand the nine tails whip I used before.

Ladies, we’re playing a game. I’ll give you a letter and you’re gonna answer depending on what I’m gonna ask you I’m giving you 5 seconds to answer.
Or the punishment will be…

…they nodded…

LETTER D, Name of a city NO PIEDMONT.
Their breaths started getting heavy and the were looking for each other for a faster answer.
I gathered up the courage and hit both of them, as they deserved. The sound was a mixture of moans, vibrators sounds and a pleasure sound in the air that covered everything

LETTER G, Name of an animal NOT GIRAFFE
Their breath sounded calmer, but at my order to not look at each other, it sped up, more scared.
5…4… GOOSE! answered Laura
3…2…1… GORILLA! answered the sub in extremis.

And I headed towards the sub and knelt down and kissed her butt cheeks while the closeness of the vibrators was giving me vibrations everywhere.
“Thank you, sir”
I moved to Laura, took out the small hole vibrator and started kissing her butt cheeks.
The gane kept going for a while, the lashes got more and more frequent.

I threw the whips on the bed, beyond their bodies, brought them closer to each other and tied them by their legs, so very close.

My underwear was clearly letting feel my pleasure of that vision, so I leaned onto the sub and let her feel how turned on I was while my right hand was handling with the vibrators looking for Laura’s pleasure, that without thinking a lot, following my order, kisses the sub, excited and always moving. Their lips, close were the perfect fuel for that unique and involving moment.

I decide to untie both the girls’ wrists. The visible marks were furrows. I turn them to face me and make them both kneel down, in front of me. Their eyes, from above matched the grey carpet. It was magical.
Laura, took off the sub’s bit and put the sub’s mouth to on my underwear, already full of my hard pleasure.
She bit my underwear and took them off, fast. They were slowly gliding down my legs and inch by inch I felt my mental pleasure rising. Always more.
Laura got closer and with her eyes not moving from mine, made every inch of me disappear, in her mouth, slowly. The sub was having fun touching Laura’s smaller hole with her left hand and with her tongue she was gently caressing my jewels.

If I were to tell what happened next, well, it’d be like making the amazement fall… The rest is poetry!


December 19th


We already did say something about this topic talking about DDLG, but this goes beyond that.
AGEPLAY is a technique used in the opposite way you’d think, towards males. It’s a practice normally used by men that have to, in some way, look childish and consequently act as children.

There are exceptions, but we’re talking about DDLG, where there’s an owner and other rules. Here we’re talking about single sessions, or sessions based in the pleasure of being and feeling dominated by childish people or adults, getting dominated by someone a lot more childish.

It’s a technique that gathers together other techniques.

Have fun! 🙂