December 4th

BDSM Techinque – Sensetion Play

It’s a BDSM practice based on feeling and senses play.
It’s been put into the “Vanilla play” by the experts considered it’s a challenging game and it’s great for those who approach this world mostly in a mental way.

As for usable tools, there’s very little to say, FREE YOUR FANTASIES!
Feathers, vibrators, ice, candles… Anything different from the classic touch of hands or BDSM tools.

You can develop the game with the smell factor with scents and the sight with actual mental games…

Basically, the key word is

December 3rd

BDSM Practice– Constriction

It’s a practice, or a group of practices, that leads immobilizing the slave with small or big tools.
It’s a very common practice in the eastern countries where the slave gets taped and paralyzed to deny them any kind of movement.
All of this definitely creates a sense of very little ability to move the body, but it clears the mind of any inhibition or stop cause safety goes missing just as the sense of touch and danger.

The sub only has their safe-word, which is ESSENTIAL in this kind of game!


Tools: ropes, tape, chains, straitjacket, very long whips and everything that you could possibly wrap around the slave.

You’ll definitely get a feedback from your slave… A moan! 🙂

December 2nd

BDSM Technique – Medical
Today we’re going to talk about a BDSM practice born for role play that’s become essential for those who dare.

Who’s never played the doctor?

The use of medical tools, like the speculum or the urethral probe, makes this practice a need for who’s already gone beyond their pain tolerance and for the most fetishists.
In some kind of way prostatic massage falls into this category, too.

What to you think???

December 1st


It’s the most used BDSM/BONDAGE practice in the role play. There’s no submissive in the world who hasn’t tried it or has never felt drawn to it.
Basically the slave gets in a comfortable position to get hit by their DOM.
It’s a basic technique but I’d like to give some some advice to those who give it and those who get it.

Never EVER leave the power to choose whether or not to leave marks in your DOM’s hands.
Some of them might be permanent!
Don’t contract your gluteus while you’re getting hit, it could seriously hurt you!
Don’t do it if you don’t feel safe!
Always moisturize your skin after a hard session with some hydrating lotion! It’ll work wonders!

Don’t ever take any weird initiative or hit your slave hard enough to leave marks, it’s useless if it ain’t consensual!
Paralyzing, even just with a rope, could make the game even more interesting but be careful where you do it and how you do it!
You should always start slowly, don’t overdo it from the start. Spanking traumas are the worst for the slaves, they suffer much unneeded violence and pain.
The body parts you can hit are: lower gluteus and legs.
Use a pillow to lift the butt while they’re laying down on their stomach, it’ll make it easier to keep everything under control!

I highly doubt there nay be al older domination practice than this one.
It was already used in the ancient time (like the majority of the BDSM techniques) as a torture.
You can spank starting from the bottom up with your hands. Feeling the hit on your fingers is adorable. Then there are whips, but that’s another story…

What about you? What kind of BDSM technique have you tried?
Tell me on my social media!

What’s BDSM to me…

I got into this vicious cycle six years ago after they dragged me in…
That woman’s been my first time. What a weird feeling if I think about it…
I came home crying and I had my ex girlfriend home waiting for me.
I remember I got inside and ran straight to the bathroom, I looked myself in the mirror and thought: “What am I doing?”.
Yet she told me it would’ve been easier.
The scene of her, laying on that bed with four whips ( one of which was so beautiful, a circus one) and some dildos scattered around on the bed, still replays in my head every time I start my roping round…
It’s been six years and, despite everything, the memory’s still alive… Who knows why?!
Maybe because I’ve always pictured it in a different way, maybe because just hitting, considering the violence I’ve suffered from inside the four walls I called home, seemed like something out of any logic.
Then the “Fifty Shades” saga came out.
I remember an amazing scene…
When my ex girlfriend forced me to go with her and get the first book… In a very well known bookshop in Novara…
And even though she doesn’t know, I read all those books right after she did.
Out of curiosity? Maybe…
So what’s BDSM to me?
Well… A lifestyle??? It could be…

My first article.

Let’s start with this new adventure made of passion, stories and a whole lot of fun…

I’m gonna introduce myself, I’m MRSIX, they gave me this nickname a few years ago cause it sounded a lot like “sex”, but they still wanted to hide it a bit from the obnoxious world that circles around this noun.

Here you’ll be able to find stories, either made up or not, life experiences and maybe some kind of advice.

It’s been so long since I wanted to open my own space, I’ve got way too many things to tell and I often need to write down some ideas I can share…
Hope you enjoy it…

Talk to you soon!